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This product supports various mainstream mobile games in the market, and can be operated locally according to the situation in your country. The programs include fishing games, gun shooting games, baccarat games, roulette games, slot games, etc. As many as 48 species. Support Apple system and Android system.

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3, Strong software engineering team support, no worries 3.1 Engineering team of more than 20 people: all software engineers are from Taiwan and have rich experience; 3.2 The company has excellent engineering teams such as automated test engineers, demand analysts, animation and graphic designers, game programmers, etc., to ensure that the games you use have a perfect experience; 3.3 The company has more than 10 years of experience in online game development and can continue to provide high-quality and popular games to the market. 4. Customize your own platform or game 4.1 There are currently more than 15 games on the platform, covering fish, slot and keno2 platforms; 4.2 Contact us and tell us your favorite game, we will integrate and arrange development as soon as possible; 4.3 You can continue to expand your business, and the more platforms that recommend us are that you and your customers and we can be profitable. 5. Platform operation details 5.1 The platform can push points to game players in real time as special rewards; 5.2 Have a background management system for multi-level distribution; 5.3 You can quickly deploy your own sub-agent without restrictions, making your business beyond your imagination; 5.4 Can create, recharge, exchange, and suspend as a specific player ID, these operations are simple and convenient.1. Scan the code to log in to our game and experience it:According to your experience, choose the types of games you want to open, and tell us that this will be the first step in our initial success. 2. We will localize the game type you selected and the entire game platform and change the text and voice. After the processing is completed, you will start your business promotion, and we will have mature business ideas and experience to give you the market The direction of the guidance, can provide a very good after-sales service and service.

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